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Frequently asked Questions

Q: How much is delivery for EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets? 

A: We provide free delivery on all orders around most of the UK (some parts of Scotland may vary).

Q: What makes EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets better than other bedding?

A: We all know that our horses wear the crown in our households and quite simply, they deserve nothing but the best. Bioforestal wood pellets are 100% natural and made from sustainable virgin timber. The heating manufacturing process kills any bacteria and microbes which makes them highly absorbent, hygienic, and able to make a soft, comfortable bed -irresistible to any horse! They are quick and easy to muck out, take up less space on the muck heap and the small compact bags mean they take up less storage space - a win win all round. 

Q: Why are EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets more absorbent than traditional bedding like straw and shavings?

A: The million-dollar question! It is the unique heating process during manufacturing that is the key. The wood pulp is highly condensed, and dust is removed so when the pellets are activated by water, they break down and can absorb up to 380% of their weight in moisture. Your horse will love bedtime!

Q: How do I use EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets?

A: We recommend you check out our step by step guide on how to use EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets, click here. Once water is added to the pellets, they will expand. Empty the bags and spread the pellets to make the desirable size and shape bed. We recommend 8-10 bags to set up the bed, but you may feel you need to add more if you do not have rubber mats in your stable. For more accurate estimate, use our calculator

Q: What is the ideal amount of water I should add?

A: As the age old saying goes, practice makes perfect! We recommend 4.5 litres (half a standard bucket) to be added to a 15kg bag of pellets. As you begin to use EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets, you will quickly find the right amount of water to be added to each bag depending on what is most suitable for your horse. If you are unsure or would like some advice, please call one of our helpful team on 0330 043 1122.

Q: What should I do if I add too much water?

A: Firstly, do not panic! Simply add some additional dry EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets to the bed and they will absorb the excess moisture in no time. If it happens to be a warm summer's day and the air is dry, some of the moisture will naturally evaporate. We are always on the end of the phone to offer advice so if you are concerned, please do call our helpful team on 0330 043 1122.

Q: How many bags of Bioforestal wood pellets will my horse need per month?

A: No one knows your horse as well you do! We recommend 18 bags for the first month, but you will get to know what works best for you and your horse. If they are little like the Princess and the pea, or if they are particularly wet or messy you may wish to make a bigger bed from the start. We recommend 8-10 bags to set up the bed, with an additional 2 bags per week to top up the bed. Please do give one of our helpful team a call on 0330 043 1122, if you aren't sure and would like some more advice. Alternatively, try our calculator here 

Q: How do I order EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets?

A. Ordering with us couldn't be simpler. Follow this link to order online or call our helpful team on 0330 043 1122. Can we order over the phone? 

Q: Are EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets dust free?

A: Only the best for your horse! EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets are produced to the highest British and European standards for wood pellets. The manufacturing process reduces the dust content, so you won't need to worry. Our pellets compare favourably to other low dust bedding options in the market.

Q: Are EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets different to wood pellets used for fuel?

A: We'd like to put your mind at rest! EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets are a certified ENPlus A1 wood pellet - complying to the highest standards and certification for wood pellets in Europe. Therefore, they are a great choice to use for your horse's bedding and will support their health and wellbeing. There are other wood pellets designated specifically for the fuel market which might not meet these requirements. Always keep your eyes peeled for ENPlus A1 certification.

Q: Can I store my EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets outside?

A: Storing your EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets outside can put the pellets into action before they are in your horses’ bed! If the pellets have too much exposure to moisture in the atmosphere they will begin to break down and expand which means they won't do their job as well when you lay the bed. We recommend that you store your pallet of wood pellets in a dry, covered area such as a hay barn.

Q: How long will EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets take to activate once water has been added? 

A: Grab your stopwatch! Once the water has been added, Bioforestal wood pellets should take around 10 minutes to activate. The activation process may take slightly longer in very cold winter temperatures giving you extra time to warm up over a cuppa!

Q: In winter, will EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets freeze?

A: Unlike us, EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets should not freeze! The wood pellets may still contain some moisture once they have been activated but the bed should not feel wet to touch, meaning it should not be wet enough to freeze. They have been tested to -10 degrees with no problems. If you do have any concerns, please call our friendly team on 0330 043 1122.

Q: How do you add top up bags?

A: Quite simply, grab a bag of pellets and add to your already made EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellet bed. If your horse creates a lot of wet bedding, we recommend you add the dry pellets to the area where he/she urinates, and your horse will do the work for you! Alternatively, you can soak the bags as you do when you set up the bed and add the pellets fully activated. Find a way that works best for you and your horse!

Q: Will EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets help my horse with laminitis?

A: You may be surprised to know that EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets will help your horse with laminitis. The nature of the bedding means that the activated pellets can provide a cushion for the sole and frog for horses with laminitis - nothing but the best for our loved ones!

Q: Are EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets biodegradable? 

A: We are proud to say, yes! The wood pellets break down much quicker than traditional bedding. The bedding will compost in around 10 months and can be used around your land, so your plants can benefit too.

Q: Will your wood pellets be suitable for my horse who is prone to feather mites? 

A: The pellets go through a heating production process to kill any bacteria or microbes. The pellets are also 100% pine wood giving them natural antiseptic and hygienic properties. This also helps to reduce ammonia smell which means mites are much less likely to live in the bedding than traditional straw or shavings.

Q: Are the pellets suitable for deep litter beds, will there be a layer of dry bedding on the top? 

A: Our wood pellets are extremely absorbent and can absorb up to 380% of their weight in moisture which makes them a good option for deep litter. They are cleverly designed so you don't need to take the wet out on a daily basis and the top layer should stay dry.