Changing your horse bedding is a bit like changing your car insurance

I think changing your horse bedding is a bit like changing your car insurance, you’re aware there may well be a better option out there but it takes time and effort to research and can be costly if you get it wrong. If you don’t like the new bedding, you’re stuck with a stable full of something you don’t want and the hassle of swapping back - and for me, this is the first big tick for pellets.

EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets’ highly absorbent properties and cushioned consistency make the perfect base for adding another bedding on top. I quickly sussed out that, if they weren’t for me, it would be easy to put my shavings on top and nothing much would be lost.

The weather was extremely dry when I laid the bed and I did find that it needed a little more water to activate it than it might in the winter. You pour the water into the bags and wait a few minutes while it grows, that bit is quite satisfying!

You then tip it out the bags, spread it round the stable and you instantly have a super-comfy looking bed! The consistency of the bedding is quite bizarre, I would say it is almost like a soft version of a high-quality wax arena surface.

Of all the horse bedding I’ve seen or used, I would say it is the most natural for a horse to lie on - and judging from how my horse kicks back on it, he would clearly agree!

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