5* Event Rider reviews Bioforestal Pellets

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I am very excited to be teaming up with EquiKing as a Brand Ambassador. I have been so impressed with EquiKing as a company so far, from their quick and efficient delivery to their friendly service. We share a passion for making sure my horses have the highest quality products. I have traditionally always had my horses on straw, as we produce it on the family farm.

When EquiKing approached me about trialling their Bioforestal wood pellets I had mixed feelings about it. However, I have been nothing but impressed by the wood pellets. They are easy to set up and you can carry on mucking out other stables while you wait for them to activate. They provide a really good base and comfortable bed for the horse. I find that straw or shavings normally move underneath the horse overnight and risks them going through to the floor when they lie down, but the wood pellet bed stays in place and provides ultimate protection. They are quicker to muck out and are super absorbent, meaning you don’t have to take out all the wet every day and can just remove the droppings. This also means they take up much less room in the wheelbarrow and fill up the muck heap slower. Basically, making everyone’s life easier!

Now that we have had news that British Eventing will be resuming some competition behind closed doors from the 4th July, I am excited to try out the wood pellets as bedding in my horsebox. The horses are so excited to get out to a party! I normally use shavings in the horsebox in case the horses need to relieve themselves whilst travelling, but I think the wood pellets will be cleaner due to their absorbency. I also think the Bioforestal wood pellets will be ideal to take away to stay-away shows to use in the stables. Fingers crossed that stay-away shows can resume in 2021!

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