My friend with a grey has said it has been life changing!

When I was doing my research, the one thing I did come across with wood pellet bedding was people saying that it can be dusty - despite it supposedly being dust free. Having used the bedding for some time now, I can see where this misconception may come from.

The wood particles in the bedding when it is activated are extremely fine, which can appear to be dust-like. However, it is this consistency that makes them so easy to muck out (the powder like particles just fall through the fork leaving you with only the droppings or the wet) and so absorbent. You might see a slight film on a dark horse if they’ve been lying down on it, but it is extremely quick and easy to brush off and if you have a light coloured horse you really will be laughing. The high absorbency of the bedding takes liquid out of the droppings and seriously reduces stable stains.

My friend with a grey has said it has been life changing!

I am really happy with my wood pellet bedding and look forward to seeing what it’s like to use as we head into winter (though let’s not think about that yet!). The added bonus of ordering EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellet bedding on line is their fantastic distribution network - I now get my bedding delivered directly to me rather than having to make regular trips to the tack shop, something that has been a great help during lockdown.

The smaller bags also mean it is much more convenient to store and manoeuvre than other bedding, so life is much easier!

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