Should I switch to EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets?

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I have been looking at changing my horse bedding for a while now, but I haven’t found a product that has given me the reassurance to make that change. I recently came across EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets and have heard wonderful reviews. However, I have a few questions I would like to clarify. Other horse owners may be in a similar position, so I thought it would be beneficial for me to right a blog including these questions and I’m really hoping you can help…

I have been using shavings for my horse for as long as I can remember and will admit that I have never been fully satisfied. I settled for this option as it is a trusted bedding and fitted within my price bracket. I can only fit two shavings bales in my car a week and am fed up of going back and forth to the tack shop most weekends, in lockdown it has been near impossible. On top of this, my horse makes the stable quite wet - I am currently mucking out twice a day, which is stressful as I am working from home and struggling to fit it all in!

My friend has recently switched to EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets and has highly recommended them. Before I take the plunge, please can you answer the following questions:

1. I am keen to save money and make mucking out quicker and easier. Will EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets help me achieve both?

2. I have seen many other brands on the market - are your pellets of the same quality? How does EquiKing compare?

3. I want to do the right thing for the environment, is your product eco-friendly?

My final key question is about delivery. Most other companies offer delivery but I’m not sure I can trust their service – I need a clear delivery time (I don’t have time to wait around at my yard when I am working). Throughout lockdown I have also noticed that many products are out of stock – not ideal! I have heard that EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets are readily available. This could be a real time saver for me – what is your delivery promise?

I am almost ready to take that leap and become an EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellet convert, so having the answers to these questions could seal the deal for me. Thank you so much in advance.

Thanks Marie, for your questions. Here are our answers:

1. You can save money and time by using Bioforestal wood pellets – you will typically need 25% less wood pellets than shavings, because they expand when you add water in the stable. They are also three times more absorbent than shavings. There is less to muck out too, which means quicker for you as well as a smaller muck heap.

2. Our wood pellets are made from the highest quality sustainable virgin fibre, FSC and PEFC approved.

3. EquiKing Bioforestal wood pellets are 100% natural and are made with no chemical or polluting substances – good for your horse and good for the environment!

We hope you are now ready to take the plunge. Do let us know what you think!

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