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Sarah Haydon and Smad Place: 


“Since receiving our first pallet of the Equiking wood pellets, it has changed the way I now view mucking out. It genuinely takes half the time, there’s a lot less wet, beds seem more consistent in staying put, even though we are lucky and have fixed matting, the bed does not move much around the stable compared to shavings and straw. I’ve used both recently and at professional yards I’ve worked at, and know that the pellets would make the difference all round. Every yard wanting ease of use, working towards being environmentally friendly and a lovely scent needs to look into and try Equiking Premium wood pellets. They definitely get Smad Place’s approval.!" 

Ellie Kelly:


“On our first time using EquiKing, we were delighted with the service and so far the product seems great. Good value to compared to other wood pellets brands.

Caroline Easton:


I am absolutely delighted with your product. 

I've used a well known brand of large flake shavings for both my boys for many years and absorbency has always been an issue. But not any more :) A week in and I'm converted... easy to use, reduces muckout time/volume, waste and most importantly keeps the stables clean & dry.

Milli Barnes: 


“My mum and I keep a small yard of mixed competition horses as well as our beloved brood mare at our home so we are always keen to make sure we have premium quality but affordable equipment, feed and bedding for them. We also don’t have a huge amount of storage space so when someone mentioned trying wood pellets as bedding we thought it was a good idea as it was a good space saver.


It also quickly turned out to be a big time saver for us during the week when we are out at work at our day jobs as we found it was so absorbent we didn’t need to give the beds a full muck out every day. Also the manure is very dry as the pellets absorb any excess wet so they are easy to pick out – and we use in stables with rubber matting. We found our mare who can be very messy and wet in her bed when she was on straw was instantly much cleaner. And our muck heap is much smaller!" 

Ginny blog pic.jpg

Ginny Howe :

"I am very excited to be teaming up with EquiKing as a Brand Ambassador. I have been so impressed with EquiKing as a company so far, from their quick and efficient delivery to their friendly service. We share a passion for making sure my horses have the highest quality products. I have traditionally always had my horses on straw, as we produce it on the family farm.

When EquiKing approached me about trialling their Bioforestal wood pellets I had mixed feelings about it. However, I have been nothing but impressed by the wood pellets. They are easy to set up and you can carry on mucking out other stables while you wait for them to activate. They provide a really good base and comfortable bed for the horse. I find that straw or shavings normally move underneath the horse overnight and risks them going through to the floor when they lie down, but the wood pellet bed stays in place and provides ultimate protection. They are quicker to muck out and are super absorbent, meaning you don’t have to take out all the wet every day and can just remove the droppings. This also means they take up much less room in the wheelbarrow and fill up the muck heap slower. Basically, making everyone’s life easier!"

Katie Roebuck's horses.jpg

Katie Roebuck:

"I am a convert. Although wood pellets don’t create a big, deep bed, the many benefits outweigh this one aesthetic. The stables have rubber matting at the front and wood pellets on concrete at the back. Because of this, I like to make sure the beds have depth, so their hooves don’t hit the concrete when they get up. It is simple to make up a bed, just follow the manufacturers guidelines on how many bags you need initially. From then, when I top up every few days, I put a 15kg bag in a wheelbarrow with three quarters of a bucket of water on and leave for five minutes. I don’t soak the pellets completely, but that is enough for them to fluff up. Once your horse urinates on the bed, the pellets do their thing and absorb the liquid.


When I muck out, unlike straw, I don’t take all the wet and the poo out at the same time. One of my horses is filthy, it was time consuming finding all the broken-up pieces he’d walked around his box. On the pellets, it’s easy to find the waste. As for the wet patches, once the pellets have reached their full absorbency, the bed goes darker in that area.  


On straw, with both horses, I was taking out two to three barrows of muck a day, now it’s one sometimes two; this is less trips to the muck heap. It is noticeably quicker the time it takes me to muck out.

It’s strangely satisfying using a shavings fork to level the bed off, once finished, it looks immaculate.


I know the horses sleep on it as they have bed heads in the mornings. Because I make sure there is plenty on top of the concrete, I am confident it’s comfortable and they have proved that to be the case.

I would never go back to straw – the wood pellets are quick to prepare, quick to muck out and the bed feels clean, every day."